784A.5 MSP/2–2952: Telegram

No. 407
The Ambassador in Israel (Davis) to the Department of State1


894. Embtel 8812 and Deptel 623 Feb 283 re mtg Chief of Staff Gen Yadin with Leb Rep yesterday at Ras En Nakoura.

Acting Dir Gen Fon Off Comay states mtg at which Gen Riley present was “very satisfactory” both as to atmosphere and substantial results. Parties agreed sign mutual undertaking re ships in distress similar to agreement concluded with Syria. Matter will be cleared with next mtg of MAC expected take place near future, perhaps next week. Agreement wld be extended to ships belonging to third countries other than Egypt, Jordan or Syria, latter’s point not to be included in formal agreement but made of record by communications from Gen. Riley.

It was agreed further to settle claims arising from sale in Leb of cargo destined for Israel on one hand, and seizure of several flocks of sheep by Israel. First flock seized is to be retained in compensation [Page 901] for cargo while others are to be returned or corresponding compensation made.

Source added that progress had been made in arranging to permit certain persons of Jewish faith to emigrate from Leb but detailed report on this subj not yet recd by Fon Off.

  1. Repeated to Paris, London, Ankara, Beirut, Damascus, Amman, Cairo, Baghdad, and Jerusalem.
  2. Document 405.
  3. Telegram 623 to Tel Aviv, Feb. 28, stated that the Israeli Embassy in Washington had informed the Department that General Yadin, the Israeli Chief of Staff, was meeting Colonel Salim, the Lebanese Chief of Staff, on Feb. 28 at the latter’s request, with General Riley present. The Department requested the comment of the Embassy in Israel. (683A.84A/2–2852)