780.5/12–3153: Telegram

No. 166
The Ambassador in Pakistan (Hildreth) to the Department of State1

top secret

484. Reported essence of Deptel 483,2 to Prime Minister in utmost confidence this morning and he asked me to keep Governor General informed in his absence and advise Prime Minister in Dacca through our Consulate, important developments. On return to office found Governor General trying to reach me for private lunch because he worried about delay in decision. Knowing Governor General would hear news from Prime Minister at their afternoon meeting felt wise tell same thing to Governor General at lunch I had told Prime Minister lest I offend head of state.

Though I told both I was not free to ask their reactions because they were being prematurely advised of line of our thinking solely because departure Prime Minister both voluntarily expressed appreciation as well as pleasure and approval of line of thought as [Page 443] possibly relieving pressure between GOP and GOI and accomplishing even more than the original proposal. Prime Minister requested permission to tell Finance Minister but on my objection said he would tell no one except Governor General. Governor General said he had laid groundwork in Turkey and felt sure Turks would approve and hoped soon Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia could come in and since their rulers soon visiting GOP Governor General felt he could help encourage them if he were free to do so. I said I would keep him advised important developments as fast as I could but meanwhile utmost secrecy vital. I indicated probably Prime Minister be back before I could formally approach them for their reactions.

Meanwhile, pressure for decision great in minds of public to degree of irritation and if nothing forthcoming will do irreparable injury to Prime Minister personally and great damage US prestige.

  1. Repeated to Ankara.
  2. Supra.