No. 74
Editorial Note

Pursuant to the decision taken at the National Security Council meeting of February 25, an Ad Hoc Committee on NSC 143 was established under the chairmanship of General Willis D. Crittenberger. The other members of the committee were Charles B. Marshall, Department of State; Major General Clark L. Ruffner, Department of Defense; Brigadier General John Weckerling, Central Intelligence Agency; and Edmund Taylor, Psychological Strategy Board. Colonel Roy A. Murray served as Executive Secretary. Records of 17 committee meetings between March 5 and April 17 are in S/SNSC files, lot 63 D 351, NSC 143 Series. The records which appear on the following pages are the minutes of the 7th, 10th, and 11th meetings. At the conclusion of the entire series of meetings, the Ad Hoc Committee drafted a report of its findings. This report was accepted by the National Security Council as the staff study on which was based the statement of policy in NSC 143/2, Document 80.