740.5/2–1253: Telegram

No. 69
The Ambassador in France (Dunn) to the Department of State

top secret

4531. Noforn. From Reinhardt. Reference your telegram 4362.1 General Gruenther had General Anders for luncheon on February 10. As Department probably knows, both officers served together in Italy during the war where they saw a great deal of each other.

Anders did raise question of forming a Polish corps, but Gruenther told him that he saw no likelihood that such a project could be considered seriously in foreseeable future. Meeting was conducted on friendly basis and Anders did not press his point, although he did make clear that in his opinion, formation of such a unit in one of Western countries would be tremendous encouragement to people in Poland. In speculating as to what country might be suitable for a Polish organization, he ruled out England and considered it unlikely that one could be formed in France or Italy. He thought perhaps Spain might be one government that would accept such an organization, but he was not given any encouragement by Gruenther that it could succeed.

  1. Telegram 4362, Feb. 11, expressed concern at the news that Anders was seeking an appointment with Gruenther to discuss the formation of a Polish corps in Western Europe, and recommended that the appointment be arranged with a lower-ranking NATO officer and that the discussion not include the question of a Polish corps. (740.5/2–1153)