760.00/1–3152: Circular telegram

No. 64
The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic and Consular Offices1

top secret

676. Re Depcirtel 363 Oct 18.2 Psychological Strategy Board (PSB) has recently worked out and approved a special program3 designed [Page 168] secure improved methods and standards reception and interim care and maintenance Iron Curtain escapees, and to facilitate resettlement of maximum nr in other countries. (Board consists Under Secretaries State and Defense, Director CIA and Director PSB). In working out program all constituent agencies of Board recognized importance securing adequate treatment and disposition in free world of Iron Curtain escapees and that failure do so cld jeopardize critical US efforts against satellites and Sov Union.

On basis statistics recd from US Missions concerned areas program computed for estimated 6,000 new escapees forthcoming year in Ger, Aust, Ital, Trieste, Grk and Turk plus accumulation 12,000 already on hand those areas who escaped subsequent to Jan 1, 1948. These nrs do not include Ger refugees, Turk ethnics expelled from Bulg, Grk ethnics expelled from Rumania, Yugo refugees from Yugo or residual IRO or ex-enemy DPs as distinct from recent Iron Curtain escapees.

Adequate budget recommended to implement above program rests primarily on dollar and counterpart funds which have been requested of Mutual Security Agency (MSA) but also includes certain expected funds or services from Provisional Intergovernmental Comite for Movement of Migrants for Eur (PICMME) and private agencies. Direction and coordination of program in appropriate consultation with other govts, including control of expenditure funds wld rest in US hands. Broad functions envisaged as fols:

Collection registration identification new arrivals in special centers;
Supplemental care and maintenance to augment basic care and maintenance provided by local auths;
Special assistance in preselection, processing and meeting transportation costs of resettlement refugees as measure secure their priority selection by missions immigrant receiving countries.

. . . . . . .

Responsibility admin program and estab suitable organizational arrangements in Wash and in concerned countries abroad has been assigned to and accepted by Dept, contingent upon provision of necessary funds for program. Final decision re funds not yet taken but expected soon and no serious difficulties anticipated.

Missions will be advised urgently further developments as they occur.

  1. Drafted by Dawson and cleared in PSB, EE, R, GER, S/MSA, UNA/R, WE, P, and UNI. Sent to all the major European diplomatic posts.
  2. Not printed. (760.00/10–1851)
  3. Reference is to PSB D–18/a, Dec. 20, 1951, supra.