611.61/6–1852: Telegram

No. 510
The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the Soviet Union1

top secret

896. For the Amb. We think it desirable you take occasion ur call Vyshinski (Embtel 20272) to emphasize again to him our serious concern over apparent significance current anti-Amer campaign along lines my conversation with Panyushkin (Deptel 858, June 103). It seems to us ur taking initiative in raising matter with Vyshinski and referring to my statement to Panyushkin will give desirable emphasis in line our general assessment of Sov thinking this matter.

I will of course wish to talk with you more on this subject in London; particularly I wld like to explore desirable course of action which we might take publicly in addition to our statement in U.N. We incline now to agree that parallel to steps taken with Panyushkin and Vyshinski to impress Sov Govt confidentially with implications of this campaign some further public action is desirable to counter the appreciable effect the campaign is reported to be having in certain quarters of world opinion.

  1. Drafted by Barbour (EE); cleared by Perkins (EUR), Matthews (G), Sargeant (P), and Bruce (U); and signed by Secretary Acheson.
  2. Telegram 2027 discussed arrangements for a call by Kennan on Vyshinski. (611.61/6–1052)
  3. Telegram 858 transmitted the summary of the concluding portions of the record of the Secretary’s conversation with Ambassador Panyushkin on June 6. For the complete memorandum of the conversation, see Document 506.