747C.00/8–2653: Telegram

No. 359
The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Greece1

top secret

723. Department’s considered belief that US approach to Makarios (urtel 614)2 would be not only undesirable but also ineffective for following reasons:

(1) US views remain same as those frequently repeated to Makarios and therefore highly unlikely to alter his intention make UN appeal; (2) in view Makarios’ past performance, probable that any US approach would become public knowledge; (3) following Makarios leak to press of contemplated high-level Greek-UK conversations, US intervention with Makarios simultaneous with Eden visit to Greece would emphasize importance such talks in Cypriot mind [Page 678] and add to Cypriot disillusionment if Papagos approach to Eden not productive, which we think likely.

We question validity Foreign Minister’s reasoning concerning effect on position Greek Government if it fails support Enosis appeal to UN, since Papagos would probably be considered equally guilty of sabotaging Enosis cause by proposing constitutional solution, even with promise of plebiscite in near future. Appears be another attempt shift responsibility from Greek Government and involve US in Cyprus issue. Our views continue as previously stated, i.e., that US not party to problem but does not think useful for Greek Government press matter.

  1. Drafted by Marjorie A. McMullen (NEA/GTI) and Baxter and cleared by Howard Meyers (UNP), Hamilton, and Richards. Repeated for information to London and Nicosia.
  2. Supra.