668.82/2–1052: Telegram

No. 307
The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Turkey 1

top secret

708. Dept pleased that Pres Bayar and other Turk officials took opportunity during Venizelos’ visit to encourage closer cooperation between Grk and Yugo and that Grk and Turk officials also agreed on desirability attempting jointly develop closer relations with Yugo (Embtel 741 Feb. 102). Dept believes it preferable for Grk and Turk through their own means lay groundwork for staff discussions with Yugos and therefore is not inclined favor at this time US approach by Amb Allen as suggested reftel.

FYI our strategic planning has not yet progressed to point where coordination with Yugo may be undertaken. US approach to Yugo re Grk-Turk-Yugo staff discussions might imply US prepared enter such relationship now. Further, lack knowledge by Grk and Turk of NATO planning wld perhaps limit usefulness staff discussions at this time. On the other hand, Dept does not wish discourage any efforts Grk or Turk may themselves wish to make to estab closer relationship with Yugo and particularly to develop atmosphere for freer discussion and greater cooperation between the three countries.

  1. Drafted by Moore and Marcy and cleared by Campbell, Bonbright, and Rountree. Repeated for information to Athens and Belgrade.
  2. supra .