No. 305
Editorial Note

On December 13 and 14, Ambassador Clare Boothe Luce, accompanied by members of the Embassy staff, including Counselor Elbridge Durbrow, visited the city of Trieste. She paid official calls on Bishop Santin, Commissioner General Palamara, and was presented the Gold Seal of the city by Mayor Bartoli. In despatch 66 from Trieste, December 15, Consul General Harold Sims said that there was no doubt that Luce’s visit, “coming on the heels of the Settlement and at a time when there is still considerable confusion in the new government and a degree of instability in the Trieste economy, [Page 589] provided the Triestines with positive evidence of our interest in their welfare.” Sims also expressed his belief that Luce’s visit “was an effective measure against Communism here, as it was a real-life demonstration of our acknowledgment of the good will we enjoy in this area.” (123 Luce, Clare Boothe) Attached to this despatch were newspaper clippings related to the visit, a program of the Ambassador’s activities, and various photographs taken during her public appearances.