750G.00/10–254: Telegram

No. 290
The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Aldrich) to the Department of State1
top secret

1680. Limit distribution. Pass Defense for Hensel and Lemnitzer. From Thompson. Re Deptel 1870, October 1.2

Although exchange of letters on hand-over will be made public by British, Italians and ourselves, continue feel strongly this should not be transmitted to UN. If Department considers this must be done it should be transmitted by US and UK separately from the four-power report. Yugoslavs have never seen text but were told we intended to make such arrangements.

We believe that it would be inappropriate for British and ourselves to release the public bilateral exchanges between the Italians and the Yugoslavs and that this should be left to them. They should also not be included in report to UN.

The official map will not show the Morgan Line except where this forms part of the new boundary. British have included the whole Morgan Line on their publicity map and believe we can include or omit as Department desires.

Department’s understanding on documents being made public is correct subject to foregoing.

  1. Repeated for information to Rome, Belgrade, and Trieste.
  2. In telegram 1870, the Department of State noted which documents would be made public on Oct. 5 and stated the assumption that these documents would be transmitted to the Security Council. (750G.00/10–154)