750G.00/9–1054: Airgram

No. 267
The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Yugoslavia 1
top secret

253. Limit distribution. Murphy called in Mates today and informed him re his visit to Belgrade. He told Mates he was visiting several European capitals for general review of current problems and was looking forward particularly to his visit to Belgrade where he hoped have frank and cordial talk with President Tito re issues of mutual interest, including general economic questions and wheat. Murphy said he hoped he could be helpful in this regard. He added it might also be useful to discuss Trieste. He said he was going to London and Bonn first and would probably arrive Belgrade late September 14, the 15th therefore being first day on which he would be able to begin talks. He said if it were more convenient to Tito he would be glad to adjust his schedule to arrive either a bit earlier or later.

Mates also informed it was not intended to make any public announcement here now regarding visit. When Mates replied it would be impossible keep visit secret in Belgrade, Murphy agreed and said he had in mind avoiding publicity until his arrival in Belgrade, at which time appropriate announcement could be made.

Mates said he would inform his Governnment immediately re Murphy’s desire to have talks with Tito and that, while he could only speak personally at this time he was sure visit would be welcomed. He thought on basis information available to him that time would be convenient and it was probable Tito would be in Belgrade. Murphy indicated his willingness go wherever Tito might be. Murphy said he was looking forward meeting Tito whom he had not seen since war days and seeing other old acquaintances. Mates indicated he was sure his Government would want to arrange some social events and asked how long Murphy might be staying, to which reply was he would stay as long as might be necessary to have profitable talks and mentioned three or four days as estimate. He mentioned possibility seeing Foreign Minister or Bebler, if former had already left for UN.

Mates asked how Murphy would arrive in Belgrade and was informed he would come on special plane, probably 4-motored, from Germany.

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It was agreed since Murphy was leaving tomorrow, liaison re arrangements for Murphy’s visit should from this point be handled directly between US Embassy Belgrade and Yugoslav Government.

At end conversation Mates asked whether anyone would accompany Murphy and was told he would be accompanied by Hooker of EUR.

  1. Drafted by Thurston and cleared with Murphy and Barbour. Repeated for information to London, Paris, Rome, HICOG Bonn, and USPolAd Trieste.