750G.00/9–554: Telegram

No. 263
The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Yugoslavia 1
top secret

243. Limit distribution. Thompson’s and Durbrow’s reports of UK and Italian positions seem to make it clear that indicated line of approach to Yugoslavs excludes a US–UK Solomon’s judgment which Department had in mind in last para Deptel 1245.2

We are now confronted with situation where Italians state that settlement acceptable in all its other aspects provided territorial concession can be obtained (Rome’s 8933) and where they have made direct request for top-level approach to Yugos (Rome’s 9274) which British support (London’s 11865). Department notes Riddleberger’s recommendation that we should put a balanced proposal to Yugoslavs (Belgrade’s 185 and 1866) and is most anxious that our approach to them shall not be open to accusation of being unfairly weighted against them. However Department would be most reluctant to reopen any non-territorial issues such as autonomy, on which provisional agreement has been reached, and hopes that considerations apart from Trieste settlement can be used to weight proposal sufficiently to be accepted by Yugos. Department also concerned that Bassovizza not be raised if at all possible since a Yugo “concession” that involved their getting Basoviza segment would reduce rockpile (London’s 11857) if not eliminate it and would almost certainly not bring us any closer to settlement.

  1. Drafted by Hooker and cleared in draft with Jones and Thurston and in final form with Barbour and Murphy. Repeated for information to London, Rome, and USPolAd Trieste.
  2. Document 252.
  3. Not printed.
  4. In telegram 927, Luce described a conversation she had with Casardi, during which he reiterated Italy’s request for a top-level approach to Yugoslavia to obtain for Italy satisfactory rectification in the coastal area. (750G.00/9–754)
  5. Document 261.
  6. Telegram 185 is not printed; telegram 186, Sept. 5, is Document 258.
  7. In telegram 1185, Thompson reported that it seemed most unlikely that Italy would give up both Bassovizza and the rockpile for coastal concessions. He added that the possibility, of course, existed of other Italian concessions in Zone A adjoining the Yugoslav frontier. (750G.00/9–754)