No. 219
The Chief United States Negotiator in London (Thompson) to the Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs (Merchant)
top secret

Dear Livie: Many thanks for your letter.1 I take a very dim view of the President’s idea of our constructing a building to leave behind in Trieste. This might annoy the Yugoslavs, would have to be carried out after we left, and we have already through ECA done an enormous amount of construction there. There are many worthy projects, such as a fund for resettlement of refugees, etc., which could be developed if we are inclined to spend more money, but do not think this necessary.

I suggest that you give me instructions on when and where our statement of non-support would be issued. I would assume it would be in the various capitals, timed simultaneously with announcement of signature of the settlement. Also would like guidance on how we should handle announcement of the agreement. One possibility would be for the four of us to hold a joint press conference here or alternatively to hold simultaneous press conferences. Assume the Department would in any event wish to make announcement. Advantage of our doing something here is that we might be able to handle questions more easily, but I have no feeling about the matter myself. All of this is on the assumption that the Yugoslavs will give back a few more acres.

All the best,

Llewellyn E. Thompson