750G.00/10–753: Telegram

No. 126
The Ambassador in Italy (Luce) to the Department of State
top secret

1167. Eyes only Secretary of State. In instructions for simultaneous démarche to Pella and Tito it is plain British have at last moment demolished our carefully constructed plan for solution of Trieste question by removing from official text any possibility of Pella interpreting it as provisional even temporarily provisional, which interpretation would have facilitated his signing facilities negotiations and forward movement EDC. We will now be imposing on Pella definitive flat de facto Zone A–B solution which plainly scraps tripartite agreement. This is very solution De Gasperi has consistently refused and Pella has publicly announced he will never accept. When contents of official démarche become known they will be denounced by all parties here and there will follow loss of prestige for Pella government which will be the greater as he has gone way out on political limb in assurances he is hopeful of achieving acceptable provision proposals within spirit of tripartite [Page 298] declaration. Realize it is now too late to change instructions but feel obliged to repeat that Embassy feels imposition of this now plainly definite official plan will have painful consequences to our basic interest vis-à-vis Italy, and that we would have so advised if there had been time to do so.

I will naturally urge Pella to accept plan in realistic and constructive spirit but doubt that when official plan becomes known with all the will in the world he will be able to dig himself out of the political hole this plan now puts him in.