No. 11
Editorial Note

Having received no response to his proposals of July 1 (see footnote 1, supra), Briggs, who was destined for a new assignment in Korea, addressed, with the approval of the Department of State, a [Page 24] letter dated August 20 to President Gottwald appealing for action on the Oatis case. A copy of this letter, to which the Czechoslovak Government did not respond, is contained in telegram 43 to Praha, August 18. (249.1111 Oatis, William N./8–1452) Briggs departed Praha on August 27, leaving Nat B. King in charge of the Embassy. On August 29, King received a categorical rejection, transmitted to the Department in despatch 84, August 29, of the July 1 proposals. (249.1111 Oatis, William N./8–2952)