No. 789
The United States High Commissioner for Austria (Donnelly) to the Deputy Director of the Office of Western European Affairs (Williamson)


Dear Francis: In the event you have not been advised by the Department of the Army of their recent communications with USFA on the subject of recruiting aliens for the enlistment program in Austria, I attach copies of a recent exchange of wires between Washington and Salzburg on the subject. I am strongly opposed to the operation of this program in Austria and General Irwin is in entire agreement.

Sincerely yours,


[Enclosure 1]

Telegram From the Department of the Army to the Commanding General of the United States Forces in Austria (Irwin)


DA 91645. DA desires to emphasize that alien enl program auth by Public Law 597, 81st Congress1 as amended is of utmost importance. Program permits Army to enl aliens of high caliber who will be of great value to svc. Mental, moral, and physical standards for enl have been placed quite high purposely to obtain only quality pers which will make program success. Important that DA leave no area of procurement unexplored to end that qualified aliens will be offered opportunity to enl. DA has considered reasons stated urad P 1878, 26 November 512 as well as others not mentioned with which this HQ is familiar from past comm. Since current instr to [Page 1731]HQEUCOM prevent enl of pers from countries rec ERP aid (Austrian Nationals thereby prevented from being considered for enl) rqst reconsideration be given to ref radio with view to withdrawal of objections stated. If you perceive no objection to establishment of alien enl program in Austria as result of info stated above anticipated CGEUCOM will be directed to contact your HQ to provide rct station at such places you may desire. Since this program is in nature of pilot model considered desirable to provide teams on TDY from EUCOM for selecting testing, and interviewing appl so that constant standards may be maintained. These teams are experienced as result of opn of program thus far. HQEUCOM will further be notified no Austrian Nationals will be considered for enl. Current instr will be modified to remove rqmt for 50 Austrians from Soviet Zone of Austria which number was place there in error.

[Enclosure 2]

Telegram From the Commanding General of the United States Forces in Austria (Irwin) to the Department of the Army


From Irwin personal for Bergin. Reference DA cable 91645 and my cables P0751 and P1878.3 Ambassador Donnelly and I have again discussed at great length the enlistment of aliens and concur in strongly recommending against extending the current program to include Austria. In addition to reasons previously presented, it is our opinion that this program would not be successful at this time. Such a program probably could have been successful had it been initiated in the 1945–46 period. Over the period of the past five years, IRO has screened out of Austria all but a small number of aliens who could be considered of high caliber and who could be of value to the service. As a result, it is our fixed opinion that only a limited number of aliens of the type desired could be enlisted in Austria. The possibility of opening up this subject and giving the Soviet a fertile field for criticism and adverse publicity would seem to outweigh the advantages that could possibly be gained through the enlistment of a minimum number of individuals. It is believed that the only way such a program could profitably succeed in Austria would be to authorize the enlistment of Austrian Nationals, a source of quality personnel. Many Austrians of the caliber desired have applied or made inquiry to this headquarters concerning enlistment [Page 1732]under this program. Finally, and most important, such a program would be a definite violation of the quadripartite control agreement.

  1. Public Law 597, “An Act to provide for the enlistment of aliens in the Regular Army,” was approved by the Second Session of the 81st Congress on June 30, 1950.
  2. Not found in Department of State files.
  3. None found in Department of State files.