No. 321
President Truman to Prime Minister Churchill1

Thank you for your letter of Dec. 10,2 giving me your thoughts about some of the details of your visit to Washington. It will be a pleasure to have you here and I am looking forward to seeing you and your colleagues. I presume that some of those mentioned in your letter will participate in our talks, and on my side I would naturally include Dean Acheson and other of Cabinet rank such as Bob Lovett and Averell Harriman. It might also be advisable on occasion [Page 706] to have the views at our talks of General Bradley and other Service chiefs.

I shall be glad to receive your list of general topics for discussion to which you referred. I always feel that conversations covering problems of such magnitude run along more smoothly if conducted according to a general plan of procedure. I am also having a list of subjects prepared. After we examine each other’s list, I hope we can then work out a frame of reference for our talks.

As you will no doubt know, I am planning a luncheon for you on January 4, and it might be a good idea to have our first conversation in the morning before the lunch. We can meet again on the 5th if you like. Then there might be an interval in our direct discussions during which you may wish to see other people in Washington and when the subjects which we have already brought up might be considered in greater detail by our colleagues.

It is my sincere belief that talks of this sort reinforce the close ties that link our two countries, the maintenance of which is of vital importance. I believe, however, that you are wise in your proposed broadcast on “The State of the Nation” to attempt to avoid the impression that our meetings will produce easy solutions to the many serious problems facing us.

Once again I want you to know how delighted I shall be to see you here and to have this opportunity for a frank exchange of views.

Harry S. Truman
  1. This message was transmitted to London in telegram 2903 with the instruction that it be delivered to the Prime Minister.
  2. Supra.