741.13/12–551: Telegram

No. 319
The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom 1

2845. No distribution outside State. For Gifford from Matthews. Re Embtel 2608, Dec 5.2 While we appreciate Eden’s assurance [Page 704] that we need not worry that any startling matters will be sprung by Churchill during his visit and while we are pleased by Eden’s assurance that he will inform you soonest subjects to be discussed by Churchill, we think it wld be wise for you seek further convince Eden advisability permit us prepare, as fully as possible, for forthcoming talks. We fully appreciate Prime Minister’s idiosyncrasies concerning personal diplomacy and aversion to agenda talks but think ends both our countries better served if he realized perhaps more fully than he now does different circumstances under which he will be operating in Wash. For example, you might explore with Eden implications of probability that President will insist on having Secretary, Harriman, and Lovett as minimum number advisers with him for all exchange views. As you know, President will not wish commit himself excepting on basis Govt positions fully cleared with interested Cabinet rank officers. It is, therefore, really essential, to avoid confusion, delays and loss of time when Prime Minister here, that we receive as detailed info as possible concerning subjects which he will bring up.

  1. This telegram was drafted by Knight and cleared with Matthews.
  2. Not printed: it reported the composition of the British Delegation which would accompany Churchill to Washington and added that Eden had stated that Churchill’s aim was to produce results at Washington which would show the world the intimate friendship between the United States and the United Kingdom. Eden added further that the United States did not need to worry about Churchill introducing any unexpected subjects. (741.13/12–551)