No. 313
Prime Minister Churchill to President Truman1
top secret

Thank you for your message of November 6th.2 Would it be convenient to you for me to come after the New Year, arriving in Washington say Thursday, January 3rd? I could stay at the British Embassy for the best part of a week and be at your disposal any time you were free to see me. Eden will be with me most of the time and I think I will also bring Lord Ismay and some military advisers.

After our talks are over I will go on to Canada and so home.

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The answer I received to my telegram to U. J. was “Thank you for greetings”.3 This was, of course, my first interchange with him since Fulton or even since Potsdam. Apparently we are again on speaking terms which is about as much as I expected at this stage.
I hope your interlude in the Southern sunshine of Florida will be as pleasant as it is deserved. I never had any idea of disturbing you there.
Winston Churchill
  1. Ambassador Franks delivered this message to the Department of State on Nov.9.
  2. Supra.
  3. On Nov. 6 Ambassador Franks had informed the Department of State that Prime Minister Churchill had sent the following message to Stalin:

    “You sent me a message when I left office in 1945. Now that I am again the head of His Majesty’s Government I wish to acknowledge that message with the word ‘Greetings’.”

    This information was transmitted to Paris in telegram Telac 6, Nov. 6. (741.13/11–651)