850.33/2–1054: Telegram

No. 198
The Secretary of State to the Department of State1

top secret

Dulte 60. For Acting Secretary, please pass Wilson, Humphrey, Stassen, from Secretary. Have been conferring here with Monnet as to how to give some reality to President’s letter of June 16 [15]2 and communiqué of December 233 regarding advances to coal and steel community. Believe effort should be made to reinstate availability of [$]100 million payable half our present and next fiscal year, but all within calendar year, but that actual form of announcement should await negotiations which would give atmosphere conducive to United States support of coal and steel community. [Page 361] This community under serious attack here by enemies of EDC and European unity, and believe that some evidence of United States support along lines of President’s prior communications is important at this time.

  1. Dulles was in Berlin to attend the meetings of the Berlin Conference.
  2. For information concerning the exchange of correspondence between President Eisenhower and Senator Wiley and Representative Chiperfield concerning Monnet’s visit and the possibility of a loan for the European Coal and Steel Community, see Document 172.
  3. This is a reference to the White House press release of Dec. 23 in which President Eisenhower reaffirmed his hope that ways might be found to enable the United States to assist the Coal and Steel Community in modernizing and developing the natural resources within its jurisdiction. For the text of this press release, see Department of State Bulletin, Jan. 4, 1954, p. 7.