The Secretary of State to Foreign Minister Spaak 1


My Dear Friend: The action of the French National Assembly in rejecting, even without full debate, the European Defense Community Treaty is, I know, a bitter disappointment to you as it is to me. David Bruce has relayed your comments to me.2 You have done everything that anyone could do to bring about the realization of this bold concept which held such hopeful significance for the future of Europe and our Western Alliance. I want you to know how deeply I and my fellow Americans appreciate your strenuous and imaginative efforts over the years and in particular during these last critical weeks. The qualities of true statesmanship which you have displayed have won the admiration and respect of all of us.

We must, of course continue our common efforts to build a strong, united and hopeful Europe, though under far less auspicious circumstances than we have had in the past. The United States will be faced with the most difficult decisions if our combined efforts in the future do not bring early success. It is, however, reassuring for me to know [Page 1120] that dedicated men such as yourself will be devoted to achieving somehow these common goals.

I am leaving now for Manila3 but will be following most closely developments in Europe in the coming days. I understand that you plan to be in New York for the opening of the United Nations General Assembly and I shall look forward with great pleasure to seeing you again at that time.

With warm regards,

Sincerely yours,

Foster Dulles 4
  1. This message, which was drafted by Merchant and cleared with O’Connor, was transmitted to Brussels in telegram 236, Aug. 31, with instructions that Ambassador Alger deliver it to Spaak.
  2. See footnote 2, supra.
  3. Secretary Dulles was leaving Washington for the Manila Conference scheduled for Sept. 6–8; documentation concerning this conference, which laid the groundwork for the signing of the Southeast Asia Collective Defense Treaty, is presented in volume xii .
  4. In telegram 238 from Brussels, Sept. 2, the Embassy informed the Department of State that Dulles’ message was delivered to Spaak on Sept. 1 and that Spaak “was visibly pleased, expressed deep appreciation and said he would send reply shortly”. (740.5/9–254)