396.1/11–2753: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Aldrich) to the Secretary of State 1


2296. Bermuda Meeting—Far East. Foreign Office hopes for general discussion at Bermuda of longer term policy for Far East which, it believes, will show a wider area of agreement among the three powers than would appear from public reiteration of areas of disagreement on tactics. Eden known to hold to view negotiations with Moscow on European problems have reached deadlock and only apparent flexibility anywhere around Iron Curtain is on Far Eastern periphery. He is therefore likely initiate discussion future of Korea and negotiations for political conference where he believes UN position should continue to be flexible in hope (a) avoid breakdown in negotiations and (b) obtain some relaxation in Far Eastern tensions. UK views on Korea remain about as outlined in UK position paper presented Department November 5.2 Re Indochina, UK will be content have French present survey present political and military situation. Re Indonesia, UK, while ready participate in discussions, will probably not originate them. Its view is that while situation there far from satisfactory, and while it may be many years before it can make substantial contribution to stability in SEA, Indonesia is determined stand on own feet without meddling from abroad and probably best policy is respect Indonesian sensitiveness and allow country develop along lines its own choosing. For outsiders to attempt influence Indonesian policy might likely result in drawing Nationalists into Commie camp.

If time permits Eden would also wish have at least exchange of views on general problems on Far East, including (a) future role of Japan, (b) desirability continued reliance on ROK and Formosa, and means available keep them in line, and (c) role of India, Thailand, Burma and Indonesia in defense of SEA. In this last connection, Foreign Office has been working for some time on plan for broadening defense arrangements in SEA, but it unlikely UK will do more than broach subject at Bermuda.

  1. Repeated to Paris.
  2. Not printed; it presented the preliminary British views on a Korean political conference. (795.00/11–553)