Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CP 187

Prime Minister Churchill to President Eisenhower

top secret

My Dear Friend: The Soviet answer1 puts us back to where we were when Bermuda broke down through my misfortune.2 We are confronted with a deadlock. So why not let us try Bermuda again? I suggest four or five days during the first fortnight in December. We could then take stock of the whole position and I think quite a lot of people will be pleased that we are doing so. If you want the French, I am quite agreeable and it would be a good opportunity of talking to them about E.D.C., which surely we ought to get settled now. I hope you would bring Foster. Anthony who would be all for it and would come with me. It would be worth trying to make Laniel come with Bidault.

All arrangements were very carefully worked out last time, and it only takes a word of command to put them all on again.

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Let me know how this strikes you. I really think there will be serious criticism if we are all left gaping at a void.

  1. Documentation on the Soviet note, dated Nov. 3, concerning a four-power meeting on Germany is presented in volume vii .
  2. Regarding the postponement of the Bermuda meeting scheduled for June 1953, see the editorial note, supra.