Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CF 359

Foreign Secretary Eden to the Secretary of State 1


Please tell Mr. Dulles that I realise the difficulties of timing. It now looks as though the meeting of Foreign Ministers will need a little more time for preparation. I do not think it can take place until a little later in the month. I am quite sure that it must be held in Europe and am more than ever convinced that it is essential that Mr. Dulles should be present. We will do all we can to meet his convenience on timing.

  1. The source text bears a notation which reads: “Message from Eden delivered to Secretary in Manila, Sept. 8, 1954”. Secretary Dulles summarized the source text in a personal “eyes only” telegram to the Acting Secretary the same day; a copy of Dulles’ summary in telegram Dulte 28, Sept. 8, is in Department of State file 396.1 LO/9–854.