396.1 WA/6–2853: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Dillon) to the Secretary of State 1


6669. For the Secretary. Reference Deptel 6228.2 Your message delivered through De Margerie who was sure Bidault would much appreciate it. De Margerie stated that although Foreign Office was distressed at reason for postponement it was greatly relieved by fact of postponement. He expressed gratification that Salisbury would be in charge of Foreign Office and no concern at idea of his going to Washington, saying he understands Salisbury’s views are much closer to French and ours than Churchill’s. He had impression, which after talking to Aldrich we share, that it was not question merely of postponing Bermuda meeting by approximately month, but rather that Churchill’s condition was such that no timing for meeting could be estimated, even tentatively. With reference to last sentence of your message he wondered what means we envisaged for “full exchange of views” between three Western powers. He felt such exchange in less spectacular form than Bermuda meeting would be most useful.

  1. Repeated to London.
  2. Supra.