110.11 DU/2–653

The Secretary of State to the President 1


[Dear Mr. President:] Our trip to Bonn was, I believe, constructive and useful. Adenauer believes he will be able to push ahead with EDC despite tactics of opposition and difficult legal question involving [Page 1572] German court. There is no flagging in his determination to move ahead as rapidly as he possibly can.2

Adenauer deeply appreciated your letter3 and showed us with pride the landscape which you gave him.

We discussed his desire to come to the United States, and he indicated the first week in April would be best from his point of view, if it were agreeable to you, as he must be back in Germany about mid-April for his party’s national congress.

If the first week in April is agreeable to you it would mean that Mayer and Bidault would come during fourth week in March and then Adenauer early in April.4

[Best regards,

Foster ]
  1. This message was transmitted to the Department of State in telegram 1043, Feb. 6. with instructions that the Acting Secretary forward it to the President. A handwritten notation in the margin of the source text reads as follows: “Copy sent W[hite] h[ouse] Feb 6, 1953.”
  2. For a record of Dulles’ and Stassen’s meeting with Adenauer on Feb. 5, see telegram 1045 from The Hague, Feb. 6, supra.
  3. This is a reference to a letter from President Eisenhower which Dulles delivered to Adenauer on his arrival in Bonn; a copy of this letter, which generally explained the purpose of the DullesStassen trip, is in the Conference files, lot 59 D 95, CF 137.
  4. Documentation on Adenauer’s visit to Washington in April 1953 is presented in volume vii; documentation on Mayer’s visit to Washington in March 1953 is presented in volume vi.