740.5/2–353: Telegram

The United States Special Representative in Europe (Draper) to the Department of State


Polto 1325. Subject: Attendance Messrs. Dulles and Stassen at NAC February 3.1

At opening of meeting and following Secretary’s and Mr. Stassen’s conversation with Lord Ismay, Lord Ismay introduced both guests to individual permanent representatives. Lord Ismay then introduced them briefly but graciously. Secretary responded in short statement (full text going forward by airgram2) in which he paid tribute to chairman, staff and permanent representatives as driving force behind NATO which possesses so important mission for security and world [Page 1562] peace. Secretary expressed regret brevity of trip prevented call at this time at capitals of all members. He then referred to importance German contribution the EDC. He concluded by referring to significance of fact NATO never entered into discussion in hard-fought US campaign for reason it rested securely on bi-partisan foundation and added that he was confident NATO would continue to play its vital role provided only it maintained momentum and continued process of growth and strength.

Mr. Stassen, on call from chairman, spoke briefly supporting Secretary’s comments.

Parenthetically, comment of other representatives and delegations after meeting without exception spoke of inspirational reassurance in Secretary’s remarks. There is no doubt that his presence and words had an immensely effective response.

Alphand then spoke of distress of all NATO members at devastation of floods in three member countries and suggested NAC, as it had done at Rome at time of Italian floods, should show practical sympathy by contributing in all possible ways to relief of distress. He suggested chairman draft resolution in this sense which Lord Ismay immediately agreed to do. Italy, US and others warmly supported Alphand’s remarks and representatives Netherlands, UK and Belgium expressed appreciation.

Next and last item of business before departure Secretary and Mr. Stassen was agreement by Council on April 23 as date for ministerial meeting with expressed clear understanding it would conclude Saturday April 25. It is accepted by all that principal business will be final conclusion 1952 annual review and laying of plans for 1953 AR.3

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  2. The editors were unable to further identify the airgram under reference.
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