110.11 DU/2–153

The Secretary of State to the President 1


[Dear Mr. President:] Stassen and I met in Rome with De Gasperi and his principal Ministers, notably Defense Minister Pacciardi and Finance Minister Pella. We had a talk alone with De Gasperi.2 Your personal letter3 greatly appreciated and very helpful. Believe these meetings constructive in lending our support to very evident desire Italian Government to advance European unity. Their need for financial assistance appears moderate and based on realistic study their needs. We also discussed possible solution Trieste problem and will pursue this matter further. Entire visit in most cordial official and public atmosphere.

[Best regards,

Foster ]
  1. This message was transmitted to the Department of State in telegram 4274 from Paris, Feb. 1, with instructions that it be forwarded to the President and that there be no distribution except for Acting Secretary Matthews.
  2. For a record of Dulles’ and Stassen’s meetings with De Gasperi and other leading government officials, see telegram 4275 from Paris, Feb. 1, supra.
  3. Concerning Eisenhower’s letter to De Gasperi, see footnote 7, supra.