740.5/12–1954: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Department of State 1


Secto 26. Blankenhorn called on Secretary this morning and delivered letter from Adenauer2 stating he hoped second and third readings of Paris Agreements would take place at end January and early February and that he had no doubt Bundestag would then also pronounce favorably on Saar agreement, especially if it should be possible in the meantime to clarify certain implementing provisions of agreement with regard to referendum, to the commissioner and to arbitration. Adenauer stated it was particularly encouraging that debate had clearly demonstrated considered opinion of overwhelming majority of Bundestag that Franco-German relations should be placed on new and good-neighbourly basis and that there was no differences of view on this point between government and opposition.

Blankenhorn elaborated that critical point concerning implementation related to freedom of political expression in connection with referendum at time of peace treaty. Germans had definitely accepted that [Page 1515] no Saar parties could question statute itself and, while agreement was silent on political expression in connection with referendum, it was most important to Chancellor to be able to state that such freedom would exist. Secretary feared this might provide constant source of irritation during coming years and asked whether such freedom of expression might not be limited to period peace treaty actively under negotiation. Blankenhorn felt this would not help Chancellor, that there would not be agitation for return to Germany unless it were understood to be forbidden. He did not elaborate point on commissioner but said Germans hope arbitral authority would be centered in WEU rather than ICJ.

Blankenhorn stated he and Soutou had just agreed Mendes would meet Adenauer to discuss these points enroute back to Paris from Rome about January 14 if still in power. Soutou states that although meeting should not be considered definite until after French debate, it would in all probability be arranged. Both express hope this meeting could be kept secret for time being and particularly until after French debate.

Letter to Adenauer given in Secto 193 given Blankenhorn.

  1. Repeated to Bonn and London.
  2. Not printed. (Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CF 419)
  3. Same as telegram Polto 181, supra. The text of the letter of intent was slightly altered before it was sent to Adenauer (see footnote 3, supra). A copy of the letter sent to Adenauer on Dec. 19 is in the Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CF 419.