762.022/12–1554: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Dillon) to the Department of State 1


2550. Following is summary note which Jebb is delivering to Mendes-France this afternoon on Saar:

Reference is made to JebbParodi talk on December 13 regarding French Exposé des Motifs on Saar and to information received from UK HICOM Bonn re Adenauer’s planned statement asking for Four-Power talk on Saar if direct talks with Mendes-France failed.

British note then states UK HICOM Bonn was instructed inform Adenauer of unfortunate effect such statement would have. Note adds that Adenauer was told if he feels bound to say something he should limit himself to saying that as first step he would wish discuss possibility and timing of Four-Power talks with Mendes-France. British note then says HICOM reported Blankenhorn reacted favorably and thought Chancellor might recast his statement.

British note makes further point that Eden somewhat embarrassed by fact UK not consulted about passage in French Exposé des Motifs concerning UK assurances, and concludes this is incorrect statement their position since UK not committed beyond period up to German Peace Treaty and Eden not prepared enter into commitment beyond this period.

  1. Repeated to Bonn and London.