762.022/10–2854: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Office of the United States High Commissioner for Germany, at Bonn1


1177. Secretary and Department officials including Dr. Conant had meeting with Adenauer and advisers this morning.2 In addition subjects covered in press statement issued by Chancellor and President following points discussed.3

Saar Agreement. Chancellor stated he attached great importance to issuance US statement of willingness guarantee Saar settlement. This would imply France and Federal Republic should conduct their affairs in accordance Saar Agreement until conclusion peace treaty. Guarantee should include undertaking to make representations if free expression wishes Saar population were prohibited.

Secretary replied it would not be practical make statement this subject while Chancellor in Washington and that guarantee involves constitutional difficulty in US. Matter was left that, if Chancellor considered statement US interest would be helpful in course Bundestag debate ratification, he would notify US so that appropriate language could be agreed upon at that time.

US Relation to Western European Union. Chancellor stated many questions to be considered in Western European Union would affect US security and NATO. Arms control arrangements are example of this. He hoped US could establish official mission to Western European Union as soon as possible, which might be same as US Mission to CSC. Secretary replied US would be disposed accept invitation, if one were extended, to establish Mission accredited to Council to keep in touch so far as Council desired it.

  1. Drafted by Auchincloss, cleared with Lyon, and repeated to London, Paris, and Berlin.
  2. Chancellor Adenauer arrived in Washington on Oct. 27 for several days of consultation with the President and Secretary of State; further documentation concerning these talks is presented in volume vii.
  3. For the text of the joint statement issued by Adenauer and Eisenhower on Oct. 28, see the Department of State Bulletin, Nov. 8, 1054, pp. 680–681.