Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CF 392

Draft Declaration Inviting Italy and the Federal Republic of Germany To Accede to the Brussels Treaty1


The Governments of Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, Parties to the Brussels Treaty of March the 17th, 1948, for collaboration in economic, social and cultural matters and for legitimate collective self-defence;

Aware that the principles underlying the association created by the Brussels Treaty are also recognised and applied by the Federal Republic of Germany and Italy;

Noting with satisfaction that their devotion to peace and their allegiance to democratic institutions constitute common bonds between the countries of Western Europe;

Convinced that an association with the Federal Republic of Germany and Italy would represent a new and substantial advance in the direction already indicated by the Treaty;


in application of Article IX of the Treaty, to invite the Federal Republic of Germany and Italy to accede to this Treaty, as modified and completed in accordance with the decisions of the Conference held in London from September the 28th to October the 3rd 1954, which are recorded in its Final Act.

  1. This draft declaration, which was circulated as document C–M (54) 90 along with a covering note by Secretary General Ismay, was approved by the Nine-Power Conference during its meetings on Oct. 21; once approved, it was placed on the agenda of the North Atlantic Council meeting on Oct. 22 for information.