Telegraphic Summary by the United States Delegation 1

At beginning of meeting, Chairman asked whether there would be any objections to Chancellor’s participation as observer. There were no objections. In brief opening statement under item I of agenda (C–A(54)39 (3rd revise)2) chairman emphasized significance Atlantic character of alliance specifically mentioning United States and Canada. In addition, applauded admission of Germany into Western family and settlement of Trieste issue.3

Under item II, Eden as Four-Power chairman, reported results Four-Power meeting (C–M (54) 91).4

Under item III, Eden as chairman of Nine-Power meeting, reported briefly on its accomplishments, noting that Brussels Treaty Organization had been strengthened particularly through accession of Germany and Italy and would provide focus for European unity. Emphasized new organization was not set up as rival to NATO, would not duplicate NATO machinery, but would maintain closest cooperation with NATO. Expressed hope NAC would permit NATO machinery and staff to cooperate with Western European Union. Eden then suggested NAC adopt resolution signifying its approval of Four-Power arrangements re termination of occupation regime and new arrangements worked out by Brussels Treaty powers. Suggestion was accepted and drafting committee prepared draft resolution which was subsequently approved with minor amendments at end of meeting. (Text of resolution will be published tomorrow with other documents.5) During course above discussion Lange (Norway) said since Council being asked approve Nine-Power protocols would be necessary circulate EDC special agreement to NATO members since had not been previously circulated and since it was specifically referred to in para 1 (A) of article I of protocol II. Was agreed by EDC countries special agreement could be circulated on confidential basis to members NAC.

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Re Nine-Power resolution concerning study of proposals relative to production and standardization of armaments (C–M(54)89 (revised)6), Pearson (Canada) suggested Working Group studying these proposals should ask representative NATO international staff assist them in line with Eden’s earlier suggestion re cooperation with NATO. Italian and Greek Foreign Ministers supported Canada’s suggestion. Greek also suggested that any proposals Working Group might make should be submitted not only to W.E.U. but to NAC as well. No one objected.

During course discussion item III, Turkish Foreign Minister praised Eden, Secretary, Mendes-France, and Adenauer for results which had flowed from London conference. Noted Turkey had always been attached to idea of European integration. Said “when time comes” Turkey will be ready to occupy place in new organization. (This connection Hughes saw Zorlu this morning. In this afternoon’s NAC meeting, Turkish Foreign Minister did not make proposal indicated first para Tosec 12, October 21.7)

Re item IV. only comment came from Portuguese Foreign Minister who wanted it placed on record that Portugal was not included in area of Allied Command Europe. Resolution was adopted without change.8

Re item V, eleven other members of NATO associated themselves in brief statements containing varying minor reservations with Three-Power London Declaration re FedRep and draft resolution of association was adopted without change.9

Re item VI, protocol of accession of FedRep to NATO was adopted without change after brief statements by Italian, Danish, Norwegian, and Greek Foreign Ministers.10 Danish Foreign Minister expressed hope German entry in NATO would prove to be forerunner satisfactory solution Danish minority problem in Schleswig-Holstein. Was [Page 1425] agreed protocol would be signed in Palais at approximately 4:30 Saturday afternoon.

Re item VII, Chairman noted annual review report and capabilities study would be ready for consideration by Ministers by mid-December and proposed that NAC agree in principle meet about that time. Suggested exact date could be recommended later by permanent reps. This was agreed.

Under item VIII (any other business) Italian Foreign Minister commented briefly on Trieste settlement expressing appreciation for sympathy from France and assistance from U.S. and U.K. Portuguese Foreign Minister invited attention to Goa situation saying might be necessary some day raise matter before Council under article IV of N.A. Treaty. Secretary, Mendes-France and Eden then made statements commenting on significance of developments during past several weeks. (See separate tel reporting their remarks in extenso.11)

Meeting then adjourned for thirty minutes since drafting groups on communiqué and resolution suggested by Eden had not finished their work. Meeting then reassembled and adopted resolution suggested by Eden. As drafting group had still not finished communiqué, chairman suggested that meeting consider itself Fifteen-Power conference to enable it to hear remarks from Chancellor. Adenauer then made very brief statement commenting on importance which German people as whole would attach to today’s decisions. Meeting then reconstituted itself as NAC and approved communiqué with a few drafting amendments suggested by Secretary and by Eden.12

  1. Transmitted to the Department of State in telegram Secto 12, Oct. 22, and repeated to all NATO capitals, Wiesbaden, and Heidelberg. A 10-page summary record and a 27-page verbatim record of this 39th meeting of the Council are in the Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CF 392. The list of principal participants, not provided in the source text, was taken from the summary record.
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  7. Not printed; it informed the U.S. Delegation in Paris that the Turkish Embassy had advised the Department of State on Oct. 20 that the Turkish Government desired to accede to the Brussels Treaty and was therefore concerned about the decision that future accessions were dependent upon unanimous consent of all treaty signatories. They intended to propose during the present Council meeting that any NATO member could accede to the Brussels Treaty without unanimous consent. (396.1 PA/10–2154)
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