Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CP 364

Working Draft Memorandum Prepared by the British Delegation 1

[NPC (54) 11]

The 9 Governments are agreed: [Page 1336]

that the German Defence Contribution to N.A.T.O. shall be 12 divisions, 1350 aircraft and naval units, of the same types as agreed for the E.D.C.
that these German forces shall be placed under SACEUR
that subsequent variations in the German Defence Contribution will be subject to current N.A.T.O. procedure.
that their forces placed under SACEUR on the Continent shall be deployed in accordance with N.A.T.O. strategy;
that the location of such forces shall be determined by SACEUR in consultation with the national authorities concerned;
that such forces shall not be moved on the Continent nor used on the Continent without his consent.
that their forces placed under SACEUR on the Continent shall be integrated in the interests of military efficiency.
that the level and effectiveness of their forces on the Continent, and the armaments, equipment, logistics and reserve formations of those forces shall be inspected by SACEUR.
that their representatives, in concert with SACEUR and the Secretary-General of N.A.T.O., will draw up in Paris detailed proposals for approval by the North Atlantic Council, to give effect to the agreements recorded above.

  1. According to a cover sheet attached to the source text, this document was circulated by the British Delegation during the Third Plenary meeting of Sept. 29.