Editorial Note

The four Foreign Ministers heard a report from Hoyer Millar that the Working Group was in complete agreement on its final report and that the only outstanding issue concerning finance was settled. The report was then approved and the Foreign Ministers instructed their representatives to begin negotiations in Bonn for the conclusion of a protocol and related documents in accordance with the decisions set out in the report and annex A. They directed them to submit the protocol for approval not later than October 20, 1954. For the text of the Final Report on the Termination of the Occupation, which was circulated as document NPC (54) 50 of October 2, see page 1339. A brief three-page verbatim record of this meeting is in the Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CF 367; no telegraphic summary of this meeting was found in Department of State files, except for its brief mention in the summary, below on this page.