390.1 LO/9–3054

Telegraphic Summary by the United States Delegation 1

At plenary meeting morning September 30 Ministers agreed that no attempt would be made to adjust Brussels treaty duration provisions to those of NAT. Instead new article will be added to Brussels treaty on cooperation with NATO along lines those included EDC. Secretary suggested establishment of working group to draft final acts of conference and communiqué, which was agreed. In long discussion of Belgian and French memos2 on control of arms production, no particularly new points were developed although issue between Benelux on one hand and France on other was further clarified. Spaak argued for control over production of arms in territories outside continental Europe, having in mind primarily Africa. Mendes-France argued that such control not necessary since Brussels agency [Page 1315] would control all imports, including those from African territories. There was inconclusive discussion of problem of which Assembly would receive annual reports of Brussels agency. French argued for consultative assembly of Council of Europe since it included British delegation as well as those of other countries who might adhere to Brussels treaty. Also pointed out that Brussels Council of Ministers should receive reports in first instance.

In response to question by Secretary, Spaak replied that same list mentioned in his memo should be listed in Article 107 of EDC treaty as modified by any agreement reached by experts.

In statement on treatment of end item aid of OSP, Secretary emphasized that US would have to retain right to make final decisions in light of recommendations of SACEUR. Said he was concerned by possible conflict between Brussels recommendations and those of SACEUR. On same subject Pearson said that Canada could accept transfer of recommendations from NATO to Brussels providing role of Canada in decision remains same as at present.

Beyen stated he approved of objectives of French in looking toward standardization of arms and more economical production. However, he felt “we are heading for serious difficulties” if conference tries to settle details of meeting these objectives before adjournment this meeting. He asked Mendes-France to accept agreement on objectives and permit implementation to be worked out by Brussels treaty organization or other means at later date without holding up important decisions now necessary. He said that Dutch Parliament could not be expected to ratify promptly any detailed proposal covering these points.

Agreement was reached to refer Belgian memo to working party with question of disposition of French memo to be discussed further this afternoon.

  1. Transmitted to the Department of State in telegram Secto 13, Sept. 30, and repeated to Rome, Bonn, Luxembourg, Brussels, The Hague, Ottawa, and Paris for USRO, CINCEUR, and Reinhardt. A 35-page verbatim record of this meeting is in the Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CF 366. The list of participants, not provided in the source text, was taken from the verbatim record.
  2. The Belgian memorandum under reference is document NPC (54)16 of Sept. 29, which is printed on p. 1336; the French memorandum is document NPC (54)1 of Sept. 27, which is printed on p. 1332.