340.1 AG/4–653: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom1


6615. Inform Foreign Office your discretion US Representative UN Commission on Human Rights will state new US policy early in the session opening at Geneva April 7 along following lines:

In present stage of international relations, US not prepared consider ratification proposed UN Covenants on Human Rights now being drafted. In US view there are more effective ways than proposed Covenants to promote human rights goals of UN Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

There is such wanton disregard of human rights in wide areas of world today, attention of Commission should be turned to creating higher level human rights conscience through education and publicity.

US Representative will propose following practical UN action programs in Commission: (1) comprehensive annual reports from each government on human rights developments in that country and consideration reports in Commission; (2) study of significant aspects human rights throughout the world, obtaining information from nongovernmental as well as governmental sources and UN Specialized Agencies and consideration studies in Commission; (3) UN technical advisory services on specific aspects of human rights, including: experts to countries desiring assistance, scholarships and fellowships and regional seminars under UN auspices.

  1. Sent for action also to the Embassies at Paris (5119), Brussels (1314), and Stockholm (1079). Sent for information to the Consulate General at Geneva (635), for Mrs. Lord; and to the Mission at the United Nations (374). The instruction was drafted by the Officer in Charge, UN Cultural and Human Rights Affairs (Simsarian), cleared in substance with Mrs. Lord, and signed by Assistant Secretary Hickerson.