711.5611/7–1254: Telegram

The Deputy United States Representative at the United Nations (Wadsworth) to the Department of State

official use only

27. From Sears for Key. In view importance clearly favorable vote three-power resolution Marshall Islanders petition, consider it essential that Department take appropriate steps to assure affirmative vote El Salvador and Haiti. It is not expected that any of three draft resolutions will receive majority vote in petitions committee. Thus all three expected to come before TC for action by Wednesday, July 14. [Page 1510] If affirmative vote El Salvador and Haiti received, expect favorable vote three-power draft nine-three (USSR, India, Syria).1 [Sears.]

  1. For the voting, both in the Standing Committee on Petitions and in the Trusteeship Council itself, see Gerig memorandum of July 26, 1954, infra.