711C.02/11–2553: Telegram

The Ambassador in Belgium (Alger) to the Department of State


348. Reference Department telegrams 498, November 19 and 513, November 23.1 Department’s views strongly urged on Foreign Office which refused to change instructions to Belgian UN delegation. These instructions are to abstain on Puerto Rican resolution, even if preambular paragraph is deleted. Foreign Office considers that wording of entire resolution necessary. Embassy informed by Foreign Office that Ryckmans, with support Van Langenhove and other senior members Belgian delegation, originally proposed that no Belgians should be present when Puerto Rican resolution came to vote, but Foreign Office disapproved this proposal, instructing delegation to attend but to abstain.

Foreign Office said that it has been fully informed our views by Ryckmans. Foreign Office emphasized that Belgian position has been made clear repeatedly in UN and that Belgium could not afford in this instance to deviate so sharply as to permit it to vote with US.

  1. For Department of State telegram 513, Nov. 23, see footnote 2, p. 1468.