711C.02/11–1053: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Mission at the United Nations 1


Gadel 71. Re Puerto Rico, Delga 244. Department considers it most important Assembly adopt favorable resolution on Puerto Rico either by simple majority or if necessary by two-thirds vote. Believe no action by Delegation to secure decision on ruling for two-thirds vote or for simple majority should be undertaken lest it be self-defeating. Important, however, be prepared likelihood two-thirds vote requirement, and effort be made to secure necessary vote for defeat competence paragraph. Therefore concur you should make effort diminish negative votes and get additional affirmative votes in likely case two-thirds ruling will apply. Agree two-thirds vote easier if competence paragraph eliminated. Delegation should, however, vote affirmatively with explanation in case competence preamble retained, in view importance adopting resolution including operative paragraphs.

Suggest therefore you proceed immediately with consultation outlined your telegram.

Re competence, if paragraph not eliminated hesitation European members and administering authorities might be overcome if they see effects on independence movements in Puerto Rico and elsewhere in case resolution not adopted, and also if they recognize full significance failure adopting resolution, namely, absence likelihood any cessation can henceforth be approved unless full independence attained.

  1. Drafted by the Director of the Office of Dependent Area Affairs (Gerig) and the Acting Officer in Charge, Non-Self-Governing Territories Affairs (Robbins); cleared with the geographic bureaus and the Deputy Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs; and signed by Gerig.