711C.02/11–2353: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Venezuela 1


208. Re: Puerto Rico. Reference circular airgram March 31, 1953 re Attainment self-government by Puerto Rico. GA will vote this week on resolution on Puerto Rico. Dept and Puerto Rican Government hopeful suitable resolution recognizing attainment of full measure of self-government by Puerto Rican people will receive wide support. US Government and Puerto Rican Government especially hopeful for Latin American support. No resolution yet introduced but will probably be based on resolution adopted by Committee on Information from Non-Self-Governing Territories, which simply noted US decision to cease transmitting information on Puerto Rico, and which US considers satisfactory. Understand position Venezuelan delegation uncertain, and is awaiting instructions.

Important Foreign Office should fullly understand that new Constitution Puerto Rico and relations with US are result free choice of Puerto Rico as expressed free democratic election. Also important Foreign Office be aware deep concern Puerto Rican Governor Munoz Marin and Resident Commissioner Fernos Isern that new status Puerto Rico be understood by its Latin American neighbors.

In your discretion, promptly convey above views to Foreign Office, expressing hope it will be possible for Foreign Office instruct its UN Delegation support US position.

  1. Drafted and signed by the Director of the Office of Dependent Area Affairs (Gerig). Cleared with the Bureau of Inter-American Affairs.