310.2/8–2252: Telegram

The United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin) to the Department of State


171. Re Japanese membership. Yamanaka called at his request.

He recalled minister’s conversation with Waring 15 August and Ambassador’s conversation with Allison 19 August.1 He reported Japanese understanding US position that while US is not in a position to support Soviet package proposal even with Japanese added, the US would support separate consideration of Japanese application at early date and USUN instructed to consult accordingly.
We confirmed correctness of above and told Yamanaka of Malik’s position in 5-power consultation which indicates to us that he will not include Japan in his package resolution and will veto Japanese application if voted separately. We also explained the support of Japanese application by four other permanent SC members.
While his government will want to consider question we asked Yamanaka whether he felt Japan would now want consideration of its application separately which might be pursuant to US draft resolution which would recommend Japan’s admission. Subject to confirmation Yamanaka felt this is precisely what his government wants to show public opinion US supports and is not delaying Japanese application.
He asked whether we felt it desirable for Japanese representatives in UN be in contact with other SC members. We emphasized desirability of this tactic as indicating Japanese independence, and interest in UN, mentioning effectiveness of Indonesian and Italian observers in handling membership.
It was agreed Yamanaka would confer with his Ambassador and discuss tactics further.
  1. On Aug. 21, the 5 permanent members of the Security Council met privately to confer on membership, as requested by the resolution of the General Assembly earlier in the year (Sixth Session at Paris). The situation remained unchanged, with each representative stating his Government’s previous position.