330/6–1652: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Mission at the United Nations1


489. Re Sov res on membership to be submitted SC June 18 (urtel 938):

Sov res unacceptable to Dept because: (1) while we are presently reviewing our over-all position on membership, we have not reached a decision this matter and it is not feasible to do so this particular time; and (2) Sov list omits present and future applicants eligible for admission. However, Dept does not wish appear responsible [Page 813] for preventing admission of Italy and other non-Sov applicants included SOV list by opposing Sov res.
Our conclusion is that best procedure wld be either postpone consideration Sov res until shortly before Seventh GA wld act on membership, or refer res to Membership Comite, thus avoiding discussion of membership question this time and also avoiding vote on Sov res. Dept believes such procedure cld be justified on fol grounds: (1) postponement wld not delay admission any candidate since final action must be taken by GA. SC action this time therefore not necessary; (2) SC members shld be given opportunity consider their positions on membership in light any new applications which may be submitted before Seventh GA and reports thereon by Membership Comite.
Dept requests you discuss above procedure with other friendly SC dels, pointing out in confidence reasons (para 1 above) Dept cannot accept Sov res and suggesting postponement or referral to Membership Comite as best course under present circumstances. Since it wld be preferable for US not take lead this matter in SC, Dept suggests you explore possibility of some other member moving postponement or referral to Membership Comite.
While Dept does not wish close door to possibility of omnibus settlement membership question, as noted above decision on this matter is not feasible at this time. Therefore you shld not make any statement which cld be interpreted as commitment to accept an omnibus settlement later.

  1. Drafted by Jones and concurred in by Popper, UNP, cleared by the geographic bureaus and the Assistant Legal Adviser for UN Affairs (Meeker) (L/UNA), and signed by Assistant Secretary Hickerson.