Memorandum by the Secretary of State of a Conversation With the British Ambassador (Makins), Held January 4, 19541


I mentioned to the Ambassador that our “moratorium arrangement” with reference to Communist China and the UN technically expired at the end of last year and that I thought we should know where we stand for the future. I urged that they should take a stronger position politically against the Chinese Communist government even though they do technically recognize it. I said that this would help them have a better press here despite their insistence on trade.

The British Ambassador said that he could assure me that so far as meetings of the subsidiary bodies were concerned that would not change their position, that the issue would only become active if and when the UN Assembly met again and that before then he would let me know about his government’s position.

John Foster Dulles
  1. Drafted by Dulles. Copies sent to the Under Secretary of State (Smith), Deputy Assistant Secretary Drumright (FE), Deputy Assistant Secretary Bon-bright (EUR), and Assistant Secretary Key (UNA). Dulles also sent copies to the Director of the Office of UN Political and Security Affairs (Wainhouse) and to Paul W. Jones of that Office (UNP).