CA files, lot 58 D 395, “Chinese Representation at UN. 1953”

Memorandum of Conversation, by Paul W. Jones of the Office of United Nations Political and Security Affairs

  • Subject:
  • Chinese Representation WHO
  • Participants:
  • Mr. Calderwood, UNE
  • Mr. Kotschnig, UNE
  • Mr. Jones, UNP
  • Miss Gough, UNP
  • Miss Bacon, FE
  • [Miss Salt, British Embassy]

Miss Salt called on Mr. Kotschnig April 30 to discuss various WHO matters. Mr. Jones explained that China might resume participation in WHO and that the representation issue might arise at the Health Assembly. He explained the procedure we intended to follow to dispose of any proposals which might be made in a plenary session or in the Credentials Committee to exclude Chinese National Government representatives or to seat Chinese Communists. Miss Salt telephoned Miss Gough on May 4 to say that she had reported the matter to the Foreign Office and that while the latter’s reply had been ambiguous, she felt confident that it agreed with our proposed procedure.

In the course of the conversation on April 30, Miss Salt remarked that developments at Panmunjom might have consequences for the UK position. In response to an enquiry from Miss Bacon on this point, Miss Salt said that the UK supported the moratorium procedure because of Chinese Communist aggression and that if there should be an armistice the UK would have to reconsider its position in the light of the circumstances existing at the time.1

  1. Marginal notation entered beside second paragraph by Mrs. Kathleen C. Dongall of the Office of Chinese Affairs: “Another indication that the ‘moratorium’ may be over any day. K.C.D.”.