310.2/9–2852: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Mission at the United Nations1


110. Re Chinese representation. Dept requests you attempt work out with UK, ad referendum, precise formulae for dealing with Chi Rep issue in seventh GA. When procedures have been agreed Dept will wish you approach other Dels, particularly Can, Mex and Fr.

We assume question likely be raised (a) as at fifth GA, at outset session in form Sov motion to exclude reps Republic of China and seat Chi Commies; or (b) as at sixth session, in form Sov request for inclusion question of representation of China in GA agenda.
If matter raised latter form most widely acceptable procedure might be have General Comite recommend to plenary resolution along lines it adopted last year (Doc A/1950). Such a resolution might recall recommendation to sixth session; note that nothing has developed to change sense expressed by GA at that time that consideration this question is not opportune or appropriate; recommend therefore that GA reject Sov request for inclusion Chi Rep question in agenda and [Page 626] decide to postpone consideration, for duration seventh session, of any further proposals exclude reps Natl Govt of China from GA or to seat reps Central People’s Govt of People’s Republic of China to represent China in GA.
If issue raised in form (a) above, best course of action might be introduction in plenary of resolution along above lines changing operative part somewhat as follows: decides to postpone consideration, for duration seventh session, of Sov proposal and of any further proposals exclude reps Natl Govt of China from GA, etc. We wld, of course, have to take necessary steps to ensure that this procedural motion is put to a vote before SOV proposal, possibly formally requesting that Pres, in accordance Rule 91, put this question of procedure to a vote.
Re question sponsorship Chi Rep formula, Dept wld prefer, as last year, that some other Del initiate proposal and that US actively support. Phil is possibility.
We assume UK will have no difficulty in agreeing proposals along lines suggested above since these proposals do not differ in substance from formula agreed to in Paris last year.
In unlikely event UK indicates preference that action be sine die, you shd indicate that we believe it most desirable that some time limit be specified in motion in order ensure that Sovs will not be able obstruct proceedings throughout session by repeatedly raising Chi Rep issue. Only time limit which seems feasible to us wld be for duration seventh session.
  1. Drafted by Gough and Wainhouse, cleared with the geographic bureaus and L/UNA, and approved for transmission and signed by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for UN Affairs (Sandifer). Repeated to London as telegram 1815, Sept. 12.