320/4–253: Telegram

The United States Representative at the United Nations (Lodge) to the Department of State


Delga 527. Re mechanics GA action appointing new SYGUN.

In meeting of Cordier, Stavropoulos (UN), Vallat (UK) and Hyde, mechanics of GA action appointing new SYGUN was discussed. General procedure is to be simple, have opportunity for Lie to present valedictory and offer new SYG same terms of appointment as Lie. This would include five-year appointment, the appointment being open at the end of that period for a further five-year term.

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First item of plenary afternoon of 7 April will be SYG item. President will read letter of resignation of Lie, dated November 10, 1952, and SC recommendation of Hammarskjold.
In open meeting President will put to vote Hammarskjold’s name with secret ballot—waiving closed meeting provision of rule 140.
Plan is to circulate as Canadian draft resolution following text, probably 3 April but not later than 6 April. This is simplest way of providing for new term of office, retirement rights and any other benefits Lie now enjoys. Vallat will tomorrow clear this with French and ask them to clear with Soviet delegation, assuming Canada approves this draft:

Begin verbatim text. “Recalling resolution 11 (I) of 24 January 1946 and paragraph 32 of GA resolution 13 (I) of 13 February 1946,

“Decides that the terms of appointment of the second SYG shall be the same as those of the first SYG.” End verbatim text.

Canadian draft will be put to vote.
Lie will make valedictory though technically he continues in office until Hammarskjold takes oath. US and others will have opportunity to express appreciation of Lie’s efforts.
President will indicate Hammarskjold arrives New York 9 April and will take oath on 10 April in plenary.
On 10 April in presence of Council Presidents, Vice Presidents and Lie, President of GA will administer oath to Hammarskjold, whose term at that point legally begins. Hammarskjold today telegraphed Lie he would remain at headquarters some weeks before winding up his affairs in Sweden.