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Memorandum of Telephone Conversation, by the Deputy United States Representative on the Security Council (Ross)


Memorandum for Ambassador Lodge’s Files

Mr. Hickerson telephoned this morning pursuant to my request to him concerning the Secretary of State’s views on how we should vote on the Indian candidates (Madam Pandit and Sir B. N. Rau) suggested by the Russian Delegate in the Big Five meeting. Hickerson cited the following as the Secretary’s views: He said these two candidates would not do. Apart from the attitude of passive resistance and neutralism of their country, it was felt they did not have the necessary administrative or executive ability. We should see to it that they did not get elected. We would prefer to abstain rather than vote no but discretion was left to Ambassador Lodge to vote no if necessary to prevent their nomination.

Hickerson then went on to refer to indications we had had from. Taipei that Tsiang would veto the Indian candidates. Hickerson realized we could not be absolutely sure that Tsiang would veto or that a sufficient number of others would abstain. He suggested that we try to get a definitive indication from Tsiang.

Mr. Hyde in subsequent conversation with Ambassador Tsiang found out that Tsiang would definitely vote against Madam Pandit and Rau no matter how anyone else voted.

J. C. Ross