315/2–2553: Telegram

The Ambassador in Sweden (Butterworth) to the Department of State


920. For Hickerson. Question in Deptel 940, February 21 repeated information USUN 318 put to Secretary General of Foreign Office February 23. His reply today which I played back to him for accuracy summarized as follows:

Foreign Office has consulted Boheman who has replied that he is not interested in being candidate for UN Secretary-Generalship and has so informed inquirers. In these circumstances and in view of Boheman’s eminence in Swedish diplomatic service Foreign Minister has not put matter to Cabinet. However, if agreement could not be reached on any other candidate and if principal parties concerned desired Boheman, Foreign Office is of opinion Boheman might reconsider and in this case Cabinet would be asked to give matter its serious consideration having in mind all factors including Sweden’s obligations under and concern for UN.