320/1–1152: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Department of State


Delga 162. From Gross. Re Syg’s resignation.

At Luns’ dinner last night, Gromyko asked me whether we had any suggestions re Lie’s successor. I replied that Lie’s resignation had come as a surprise to me and I had not yet had an opportunity to obtain the views of the Dept. I commented that the Sov del two years ago had made a number of suggestions and had in fact indicated willingness to consider qualified people from any area. Gromyko replied that “the situation was different”.

I said that we should probably consult about the question and Gromyko agreed, I thought rather emphatically. I thought it wise to tell him that I personally doubted we would take an initiative in suggesting consultations (having in mind protection of SC Pres Tsiang, although I of course did not mention this to Gromyko). Gromyko repeated that it would be a good idea to have informal consultations.

  • [Gross]
  • Acheson